Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Technology vs Cops

I've always been amazed at how cops and criminals latch on to technology to advance their causes. It's a back and forth battle to see who can come out on top. And so I was amazed to see photographs from the riots in Greece where the rioters were using laser pointers to blind the riot police. The images below are awesome, but scary if you happen to be the officer being blinded.
Several years ago I was working the state wrestling tournament, which attracts a large crowd. I was speaking with several officers at a corner of the auditorium complex when a couple of us noticed that an officer had a red laser pointed on his chest. Not good. You can get laser sights on guns. We immediately turned around and spotted the offender high up in the auditorium seating. We raced up the stairs and confronted the teenage boy suspect. There was no weapon involved, but we gave him the choice of handing over the laser pointer or leaving the wrestling tournament. He handed over the pointer.

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