Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook and Other Such Stuff

Hi everyone! Yes, another actual post. My mom is doing as well as can be expected, which means no scares. She lost her voice, however, and we're not quite sure what brought that about. Mom, is that such a bad thing? Just kidding. Before she completely lost it I talked to her on the phone and she sounded like Mickey Mouse. Hey, you have to find the humor where you can.
This dual Facebook/Blogger thing is quite interesting. Blogger allows, hmmm, how do I describe it...Blogger allows you to say more and post more. Facebook is like texting. It's quick and to the point without a lot of detail. They both have their advantages. I prefer Blogger, but what's nice about Facebook is it doesn't require a lot of thought. You can post something quickly which I would never do on Blogger.
It's warming up here and I'm so happy to be able to go outside in shorts. But it also means I have a TON of yardwork to do in the near future. But I will be outdoors and that is all that matters!
Spring is 2 days away!!!

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